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Lawson Nagel on the Airwaves

Azle High School Freshman Lawson Nagel is 15 years old, not old enough to drive on the street yet but already competing in the racing world since he was eight years old.

Lawson has been racing in competition carts that go up to 80 mph. This year has made the transition to Formula 4 cars with a top speeds closer to 140 mph.

“To get to the next step I’m going to need to win the championship. They have a World Championship for the Formula 4 cars” said race driver Lawson Nagel.

Lawson and his father, Edward, will be in New Orleans next weekend for the first official test for Formula 4 in the United States. Drivers come from all over the United States and most are between 16 and 24 years of age.

“To see my son drive over 140 miles per hour effortlessly, when he’s 15 and can’t drive on the road yet, it’s pretty amazing” exclaimed Edward Nagel.

JD Ryan is chatting with 15 year old race driver Lawson Nagel…Texas Road Trippin’!